Relationship Repair Counter for Couples is a Practical Simple Solution

I just got this feedback from a customer via text, and he used RRC to refer to Relationship Repair Counter.  I have never used RRC to describe Relationship Repair Counter, so now the Relationship Repair Counter is officially an RRC according to my following.  That’s pretty cool!

“Hi Stephanie, I just wanted to say that I read your book Relationship Repair for Couples and, while I haven’t been able to implement a RRC (Relationship Repair Counter), I hope to someday.  I think it’s practical advice and more importantly it isn’t complex.”

Yep, having a Customer Service Counter for your Marriage™  is practical and while it is not complex,  it does require service, humility, and hard work.  For example, how many of you are going along having a wonderful day until your significant other files a complaint about something you did or didn’t do?  When this happens, it is not people’s first reaction to respond with practical RRC steps such as, “Honey, you are important to me, and I want to resolve this for you.  Why don’t you tell me more?”  It is actually far more normal to feel annoyed, thinking “Why is she picking on me?”  “Why can’t we just have a peaceful day?”  “I didn’t mean to, why can’t he just overlook my flaws and mistakes?”

Practical?  Yes.  Natural?  No.   Effective?  Yes.  Very.  So, let’s roll up our sleeves and get to work opening our Relationship Repair Counters.  We will have happier marriages and more successful families!  I guarantee it.




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