Relationship Success Celebration Video

People often think of love as the romantic, fun part of a relationship. However, Love goes so much deeper and is long-lasting when people provide a Customer Service Counter for their Significant Other™.

When I tell people about this concept, they usually kind of scratch their head. I can see the light bulb coming on though, when I ask people this question “When you file a Relationship Complaint to your Spouse what happens?” Does your partner tell you that you are important, that they do not like to see you upset, and then offer to find a resolution? Just saying that is absurd enough to make most people laugh! Of course not, because sadly this is not what is happening in most of our personal relationships! But what if it were?

What if people were motivated to see Relationship Complaints as a positive, normal part of Love and Romance? Even better, what if people saw relationship complaints as an opportunity to build trust and loyalty into their personal relationships!

Now, that would be remarkable.

You can see this playing out here with the help of my Amazing Volunteers Nick and Amanda.

The Fun Role Plays are the best part of the Relationship Repair Seminars that I Teach,so I have to give kudos to my fans and volunteers. You make it work, and without your involvement it would not be possible to show people how this stuff really works!

As you can see in the video, Love and True Romantic Relationship Success comes about when we have a Relationship Repair Counter™ for our mates on an every day basis!

To Your Relationship Success, Dr. Stephanie Weiland Knarr



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