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Humans are social animals… we are biologically wired to survive via being attached and safe within our bonding relationships!  Especially with our parents and our mate, we need a secure attachment bond that is created through being able to provide emotional and physical safety.  When we go to our partner, our parent, or a close friend we need to not feel lonely.

Without security and emotional safety, our nervous system reacts terribly!  Because as humans, this is how we have survived for thousands of years!  We survive by having attachments with other humans, and when we go to those closest to us, we need to feel that they listen, understand, and find ways to support and help us.

However, all that emotional work is difficult!  Especially for people who did not have a secure attachment in childhood or for those people who are less comfortable with emotions.

I want you to have the right tools and inspiration to improve your relationships and to be able to communicate with more humility and vulnerability.  You can do this.

Please join me for an evening of stories, music, laughter, and practicing how to communicate safely with the people whom we live and work with!  I have even asked Mr. Knarr to join me for a live demonstration of the techniques that we use to repair problems and concerns in our relationship!

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