Signs That You Need to Open a Relationship Repair Counter for People in Your Life!

Do you have a customer service counter (or what I like to a call a Relationship Repair Counter) for your mate?   How about for your children, your parents, and other loved ones?  To answer this question, think about how you usually react when the special people in your life bring up a complaint; especially if it is about something you did (or didn’t do).
Or think about how you react when that same special someone in your life appears upset, angry, or moody.  I have observed that quite often, people respond poorly to these kinds of situations.  In fact, some people completely ignore or dismiss their loved one’s complaints and moods Certain behaviors basically tell the people in your life that you do not have a “Relationship Repair Counter.”
Behaviors that Communicate You Do Not Have a Relationship Repair Counter
  • Shutting down and not saying anything.
  • Rolling your eyes in the back of your head.
  • Changing the topic to something else more pleasant.
  • Shifting the topic to a complaint that you have about your spouse. (Sure, you can bring up complaints, but I recommend you start with resolving your partner’s complaint.)
  • Strong arming your partner by dominating the conversation, taking all the air time, or talking over your partner.
  • Telling your mate that you do not understand why they feel that way. In fact, they “should” not even have the complaint that they are making.

Do you often display any of these behaviors when the people in your life bring up a problem?  If you do, then I highly recommend that you learn new ways to react.  Instead, I urge you to open up your “Relationship Repair Counter.”

For more about creating your own “Relationship Repair counter”  check out my book Relationship Repair Book and listen to my weekly Radio Show!




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