Spring Break Is Over!!!

Spring Break is Over!!!

My kids all went back to school today after a ten-day spring break … Whew!!!

There were no blog posts/ newsletters from me this week … because there was shopping to do for spring clothes, a college visit to University of Pennsylvania for my older son, one night away to have fun with the kids, and of course preparations for the holiday weekend with Easter baskets to boot!  It’s important to balance work and family, and I took the opportunity for some family time and a couple evenings of R & R…

There was one family conflict that we had to resolve, but hey those things happen.  The Relationship Repair Counter was open, so it’s all good…

Now that Spring Break is over, I am regrouping to figure out what my business and personal goals are between now and summer vacation.

It seems like many of you are in the same mode.  There were so many of you scheduling appointments online between Sunday and this morning, I was getting the message that everyone is back to working on their personal and relationship goals!

How about you?  What are your goals?

  • Do you want to have less anxiety and sleep better? A combination of yoga and psychotherapy is an excellent way to reduce anxiety, feelings of panic, and/or sleep disturbance.  Many clients benefit from clearing out and desensitizing traumatic memories to improve anxiety and feel better.
  • Or perhaps you want to have higher marital satisfaction? Many clients find that their partner becomes defensive when they try to talk about a problem at home… so they come in to iron out their relationship problems.  After all, we want you to have some summer romance.  So, let’s clear your problems out of the way.
  • Maybe you want to have a better relationship with one of your children, so you are inviting them to attend a couple of family therapy sessions with you to explore how you can communicate better and have more fun this spring and summer.
  • Do you want to improve your business life or explore a new career? Is fear holding you back?  Is it time to engage in some goal-setting with the guidance of a professional?

Whatever your life, business, or relationship goals are – we are here for you!  Let’s rock this out until the lazy days of August!

You can schedule an appointment now with a Relationship Repair Associate at www.therapyportal.com/p/drstephanie/



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