Tissues Are One of the Best Tools Here At My Relationship Repair Shop!

Here I am at my private practice Relationship Repair Shop – with the box of tissue.  Tissues are an essential tool here at my shop, as you can imagine.  Every few weeks, I go through the checkout line at the store to stock up on my tissue boxes, and I tell the clerk, “I am a therapist.” They say, “ Ohhhhhh.”

My new clients almost always say they are sorry as they are sobbing into their tissue.  I am no stranger to crying, and I need a good cry now and then myself – just ask my husband and friends – so I assure you and everyone you do not need to say sorry for crying into the tissue.  Yes, even the men cry … more than you would think or they will admit to.  The thing that is behind all these tears – anxiety and feeling helpless, often times about relationship problems.  I have been an Employee Assistance Program consultant and a Relationship Therapist for my entire career, about fifteen years.    People come into my office with various symptoms including panic attacks, heart palpitations, difficulty sleeping, and tearfulness just to name a few.  Sometimes people are having symptoms of anxiety or depression for reasons that do not include relationship problems.  I can treat those kinds of problems also, but helping to resolve or cope with Relationship problems – this is my specialty.

I am going to be really honest with you here, the reason why I know how to help with these problems is I am the kind of sensitive person who gets anxious and upset when I am having relationship problems.  And of course, we all have them from time to time.   Right now, if you are going through some drama with your significant other or with a coworker, I truly feel bad for you.  Honestly, it can get pretty touch to do your day to day life when you are having problems with someone you either live with or work with.   All I can say, is I have been there in my personal life.  And everyone goes through relationship problems at some point in their life, but when it is you it really really stinks.

I have several associates working with me here to Repair all of these Relationship Issues, including Sherrie Ludwick at her Repair Shop and Connie Wesley at her Repair Shop.  There are many resources here on my website that I trust you will find helpful to begin your repairs, so I hope you will stay for a little while.  My best advice?  Start with a little self-repair!  Give yourself a pat on the back for reaching out to look for advice, take a deep breath, and remember that you are valuable and worthy of having your relationship problems resolved!  So, until I have a chance to meet you on a webinar or at a live event or during an appointment at my private practice, hang in there.  I promise – it will get better.



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