True Love Is Not Found, It Is Built

There are many different ways to look at how to build love, but I believe that one of the most important is that people want to be loved by their partner even when they have a complaint or a problem.

When your partner or family member brings up a problem in the relationship, if you resolve it then you have just BUILT the kind of trust and loyalty that will help your partner to admire and LOVE you.

Keep in mind that when a business makes a mistake, and you the customer make a complaint – if it is serviced correctly, then it builds your trust and loyalty.

Ever time there is a problem in business Or in your personal life, there is a critical juncture in which trust is broken and you fall a little more “out of love.” OR better yet, when a problem or complaint is resolved then trust is built and you fall a little more “in love”

Bottom line is that when your partner, child, or anyone you are in business with brings up a complaint or problem, see it is an opportunity to build trust and loyalty.

If you need help with how to apply these ideas to your particular situation, I am here to help you build lasting love and trust in your relationships.




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