You want to start therapy, but you are not sure you can afford it???

Most of my customers tell me at some point in our journey that therapy is work!  I agree, it is not easy to work on healing your relationships and issues.  Many therapists have gone to their own therapist as required by our ethics code, so we completely understand that psychotherapy can be emotionally tiring and mentally difficult for some people.  It can be challenging to find extra money to pay for psychotherapy – all for a process that requires work and emotional discomfort!  I still urge you to remember that therapy is temporary for most people, so you may want to look at if there is a place in your budget where you can cut back for a few weeks or months to be able to afford to get the emotional support and help that you need!

In addition, some creative ways to pay for psychotherapy include:

1) If you have a FSA or HSA Card with funds, remember that you can use those funds to cover therapy services.

2) We have helped many people to make progress towards treatment goals even when they can only budget in the cost of one or two appointments per month.  If you tell us what your price point is, then we can discuss what your options are.

3) After your first session, ask your therapist for a treatment plan with goals for each session.  For many people on a budget, it can help to know that after you have completed four sessions and paid X amount of Dollars certain goals and interventions will have been addressed.   We find that when people know what to expect from therapy sessions, they can do a better cost and benefit analysis.

4)  Be sure to tell your therapist what your priority goals are, and start with those first. That way, even if you have to take a break from therapy for financial reasons you will have resolved most of your concerns.

5)  Consider seeing one of our interns or newer associates whose rates are lower ($60-100) for some or all of your therapy treatment goals.  Keep in mind that although our interns and younger associates have less experience, they are still supervised by Dr. Stephanie and will get her assistance to help you reach your therapy goals!!!

Please contact us for more information about psychotherapy and how we can help you have more success in your life and your relationships without breaking the bank!



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